Sticky Speed: Track Day Notes

Attending your first track day: what to expect, and what stuff do you really need to enjoy it. 🏍

"Riding a motorcycle is the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground", a quote on the HBO series Six Feet Under. 😅

Imagine truly being able to ride your motorcycle without fear of oncoming traffic, hitting deer, or getting in trouble with the local law enforcement.

Taking your motorcycle to a track day will remove all of these variables allowing you the headspace to become a better rider. Unlocking a whole new level to explore and learn.

Within this 40+ page track day guide, I'll walk you through all the things you actually need to get to on the track. It's a lot less than you'd think.

The guide explains the required gear, things to do for your bike, and the tips and gotcha's I've learned the last three years at the track. I'll even invite insights from real racers and track day organizers to point you in the right direction.

What's covered in this guide

  • Preparing for a track day,
  • What gear you'll actually need,
  • How to prepare your bike,
  • Must-have items for your pit,
  • Questions you should know the answers to while being tech'd
  • Camping at the track,
  • Track rituals and culture,
  • Bonus Chapter: Loading your bike into a Uhaul trailer.

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Camping at the track is well worth the mosquitoes or lack of AC.

You'll typically enjoy a track walk to digest the course from a different perspective, creating lasting relationships with fellow riders and get a jump start on the day since you're already at the track! In this guide I also cover what you'll need to get through the night.

👆A MVP to the track guide, join me for a session around Joliet Autobahn North course in IL.

The key to having fun on the track is to leave ego's at the door, and have an open growth mindset. There is so much awsome things to learn and nerd out about on the track. From working on your vision, body position, track familiarity, braking while building your confidence.

👋 Heyo, my name is Wes,

Having ridding on the street for nearly 20 years before setting foot on the track. Join me as I share my experiences, tips and tricks from progressing through the track-day levels, getting ready for your first track day.

The track has unlocked a whole new secret level to this motorcycle game.

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